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IES students join New York Academy of Sciences

IES students join New York Academy of Sciences

(Junior Academy Members: L-R Elias and Victor from IES Länna)

Eight students from five IES schools have joined a prestigious group of young international scientists and mathematicians.

The New York Academy of Sciences started its Junior Academy to encourage talented students from around the world to work together, with companies and experts to find innovative solutions to global challenges. Now the group has recruited students from IES schools in Johanneberg, Liljeholmen, Huddinge, Sundsvall and Länna for this STEM project (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Students taking part in the project compete in challenges over 70 days with topics around some of the greatest issues humanity faces today, including issues around public health, nutrition, hygiene, climate change and energy, among others.

Two of the students taking part are Victor and Elias from IES Länna. 

Elias said: “I have always loved to come up with solutions and design work, I love these subjects and working in groups, so I can learn from all of these different people from around the world. That is the biggest part of it, you get to be part of this community and solve problems with people.

"The school told me about this opportunity, I got help from my teachers to write my application, and one of my teachers wrote a recommendation letter. I couldn’t have written such a good application without all that help.”

Victor added: "I will learn to work in teams and with people from all over the world, make friends, and learn about people with different abilities.  For example, right now I am not good at coding but I might get a lot better and learn more, maybe develop interests I do not have today.

"When I talked to my parents, they weren’t too sure I would succeed. When I told them that I got in they were really happy, they said congratulations and that I could choose dinner.  I chose kebab, of course.”

Being part of the programme means that the students taking part are members of the New York Academy of Sciences, which once had Charles Darwin and Thomas Edison as members.

The students work in their free time to find the best solution to the challenges which have been posed.  Those taking part choose who they want to work with, through a global network where they can create a profile which lists their skills and interests.

Now both Victor and Elias have been approached by other students from around the world, keen to enlist their help for the challenges.

Elias said: “I have a lot of messages telling me that they want to learn things together and asking if I want to team up. A lot from Sweden, but also from Pakistan and Egypt, there are a lot from those countries and India. I’m amazed that they want to learn from me and team up with me, it just feels good”

Mr Pruden, academic manager at IES Länna, has been one of those encouraging the two students to apply to take part.

He said: “We were really hoping that one of the two might get in, and when we got the emails to say that they would both take part, we had an academic euphoria. It was a nice feeling and great to see how much both of these students really lit up."

Those teams who win a challenge are given an all-expenses-paid trip to the New York Academy of Sciences in New York City for the annual Global STEM Alliance Summit, where they receive prizes and special recognition.

That is something Victor has his eye on, but he thinks this year will be spent learning how the system works, so that he has a greater chance of winning challenges in the years to come.

He said: “Of course it would be really fun to go to New York but I have plenty of time to win a challenge, I can be part of the community for five years.  Now I will focus on learning the community and seeing how it works.”

IES wishes all the students taking part the best of luck and hopes that they reach New York.

From the Principal

School lunches at IES Liljeholmen / Skolmaten vid IES Liljeholmen



i årets skolundersökning hade nöjdheten med skolluncherna gått upp avsevärt och vi har därför valt att fortsätta att arbeta med Kleins Kitchen som leverantörer. Liksom förra årer serveras det dagligen tre olika rätter, samt ett salladsbord, soppa, bröd och frukt varje dag. Det finns mjölk och vatten att dricka. Kleins har erbjudit oss att servera en mer vegetarisk kost, genom att byta ut kött- eller fiskrätten till en vegetariskrätt. Från och med oktober kommer vi att testa att ibland servera mer vegetarisk kost, vi har gått igenom menyn och valt bort rätter som vi vet inte varit så populära, eller lagt till vegetariska rätter som vi vet varit väldigt populära. Det kommer alltså alltid att serveras en fisk eller kött rätt, men ibland även två vegetariska rätter. 


Bifogat hittar ni lite information kring hur Kleins tänker kring mat och hur de jobbar.


Om ni är nyfikna på skollunchen, hör gärna av er till mig så bokar vi in en dag när ni kan komma och äta med någon av oss i ledningsgruppen. 


Vänliga hälsningar,

Annakarin Johansson



Dear all, 


In this years survey, the results showed that the satisfaction with school lunches was higher than previous years. We have because of this decided to continue with Kleins Kitchen as our caterers. As last year we serve three different courses a day, a fishdish, a meat dish and a vegetarian dish. There are also soup, a salad bar, bread and fruit, and milk or water to drink. Kleins have offered to serve more vegetarian food, so from October we have chosen a few days where we have exchanged the fish or meat for a vegetarian dish. We have picked the days when we know that the meat or fish dish hasn't been overly popular or when we know that the vegetarian dish has been. 


I have attached a couple of documents from Kleins. 


If you are curious about the school lunch, let me know and we can book a day where you come and eat with one of us in the management team. 


Kind regards, 

Annakarin Johansson 


Welcome to the autumn term 2019

 We are back!


It was so nice to meet all the students today this morning, and to get to introduce them to their new classes and mentors. We have a few new staff in the school, year 7-9 has a new nurse, Ms Modin has joined us from IES Älvjsö and a new SYV (career and guidance counselor) Mr Serengil has joined us from Farsta Grundskola. Otherwise the student care team, management and special education team are the same. A few new teachers has also joined the school, but they will introduce them selfs in newsletters and parentsevenings over the next few weeks.  

   Over the summer we have painted all the white areas in the school, two corridors has a new colour, floors 4,5 and 6 has new lighting in the corridor and also our cleaning company has been in to do a thorough cleaning and polished all floors. 


  This years the Heads of Years are Ms Farrah, year 4, Mr Bayon, year 5, Ms Weber, year 6, Mr Garcia, year 7, Mr Adegbidi year 8 and Mr Knapp for year 9. The Heads of Year are middle management and supports the mentors in the every day running of the classes. The mentors are always the first point of contact. Next step is Heads of Year, Student care team, and then assistant principals and then the principal.


Last year our year 9 students had an grade average of 279.8 points and their results for National tests where among the top 10 best within IES, which ofcourse made us very proud. Our year 6 students did very well in their national tests as well. From our survey we are still looking to identify our main goals. But one goal is to raise the participation in the survey from the parents, only 50% of the guardians took the opportunity of voicing their opinions in the survey. 


We are really looking forward to see you at our Parents Evenings next week, and at Development meetings in September. We have moved them forward a bit, so that we can establish goals for the term early and follow up on them and the grades early next term. Dates and times are found on School Soft. 


Kind regards, 

Annakarin Johansson


Video: 13 IES Schools Competed In Eurovision Inspired Contest

Video: 13 IES Schools Competed In Eurovision Inspired Contest

Singing in Spanish helped Emilia Söderlund (above, centre, with her teacher Mr Vary and her mother) from Internationella Engelska Skolan Johanneberg to win a language and music competition for IES schools.

Each year schools compete in a Eurovision-inspired contest, which sees students sing in languages other than English or Swedish.

This year 13 schools took part in the competition at IES Sundsvall – who hosted because they won the competition last year, in true Eurovision style.

Those competing sang in French, German and Spanish, in front of hundreds of students, and a jury made up of language and music teachers, at Tonhallen in Sundsvall.

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Video of the winner's reprise: Emilia Söderlund from IES Johanneberg

After a tense judging process considered the linguistic and musical talents of the very strong entries this year, Mr Brisson, principal of IES Sundsvall, announced the results.

While Emilia took first prize, a team from IES Eskilstuna (left), made up of Tamara Abood, Farah Mouhi, Eira Ankarfjärd and Darian Mather came second, while Cecilia Nilsson from IES Lund (below, right) came third.

Other schools who made the journey to Sundsvall to take part in this year’s contest included IES Bromma, Huddinge, Kista, Landskrona, Liljeholmen, Tyresö, Täby, Västerås and Årsta.

After performing David DeMaría song Cada Vez Que Estoy Sin Ti and receiving her trophy Emilia told the audience: "Thank you so much, I did not think I was going to win since there are so many talented people here and they were really great. Give them applause, please.”


After she left the stage she added: “I am grateful that I had this chance today, and I want to thank everyone, but especially my Spanish teacher Señor Rios, my music teacher Mr Duckworth, Mr Vary for coming with me, and my parents for being there with me and supporting me.

"This was my first time taking part in Eurovision, it was exciting but then I heard the other schools singing and they were so good, so I got nervous, but it was exciting.

"When I heard the winner announced, I said ‘well, that’s me’. I thought that Sundsvall would win again because I think she was really good and deserved to win.

"I have been studying Spanish for three years. I would not have believed three years ago that I could win today, but my music teacher told me that I should be here and he helped me, and here I am.”

Emilia’s victory means that next year the contest will be hosted by IES Johanneberg. She gave advice for all students thinking of taking part: “Believe in yourself, do what you like to do, and do not worry about what others think."

Winning turn: Emilia performing in front of judges

Information från Hägersten/Liljeholmens stadsdel

Som en del i sitt preventiva arbete vill Stockholm Stad att ni som vårdnadshavare gärna fyller i den här undersökningen om hur ni får information kring deras preventiva arbete i stadsdelen Stockholms stads undersökning.

Du som förälder är den viktigaste personen för din tonåring. Här kommer några tips, med förhoppning om en härlig och trygg sommar för både dig och din tonåring. 

•Var närvarande och intresserad av vad din tonåring har för sig

•Ha kontakt med andra föräldrar – byt gärna telefonnummer

•Bjud inte din tonåring på tobak, alkohol eller andra droger

•Umgås med varandra

•Kom överens om regler

•Var en förebild

Mer information och fler tips finns på

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