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Meet the leadership Team and the Departments

As we didn't have the option this year to have parents come into the building for the introductory parent meetings the leadeship team didn't get a chance to introduce themselves and their role in the school, so we put together a short video to achieve this goal. We also included a short tour of the school.

To compliment this we also got each department to put together a short video to give parents a chance to see the wonderful teachers that educating their children. Enjoy.

Meet the Leadership Team

Meet the Departments

Exciting work from the Student Council

Our student council has recently reviewed the school rules and made some small adjustments to make the rules clearer and easier to follow (see attached). Very much in line with the 3C's of IES Liljeholmen. The rules are now Clearer than the older rules, which will result in a Calmer school environment as it is easier for teachers and students to be Consistent in how they interpret and follow the rules. A big thank you to the student council and Mr Rapp for their work on this.

The student council has also come up with several initiatives that have been implemented in the school, some have already happened and others will come into play shortly. These include:

  • Year 9's going straight to the lunch room instead of meeting a teacher on an alternate floor before moving to the lunchroom. This has been in place for the last two weeks and has gone well.
  • Line Markings for the basketball court in the school yard to be improved to create a more defined area to play basketball as well improving the experience of those playing basketball (will be completed as soon as the weather allows)
  • Arrows on the ground in hallways and stairwells to improve the flow in congested areas
  • Extra clocks around the school to ensure students can be on time to class (to be purchased shortly)
  • Additional seating and tables in common areas in the school (to be purchased shortly)

Great to have a student council that is pro-active in improving the school.

From the Principal

Have a Great Break

Have a Great Break

Term 1 2020 has officially come to an end and we want to thank all of our amazing students and parents for this term.
The school was full of great winter sweaters today. We added some pictures to our schools instagram account. 
We hope you all have a relaxing and well-deserved break and we will see you back here on Monday, January 11th! ❄️⛄️