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Lucia 13th of December

Lucia 13th of December

Jag vill passa på att tacka vårt fantastiska Lucia-tåg, våra fina elever, och våra underbara musiklärare för Luciafirandet i tisdags den 13/12. I två omgångar samlades vi ute på skolgården på morgonen, efter att ha fikat på lussebullar och pepparkakor i matsalen, för att lyssna på vacker och stämningsfull sång. Det var mycket uppskattat av elever och personal. Att få vara med om detta för första gången på den här skolan, kändes väldigt stort för mig som rektor.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our fanatstic Lucia with choir, our awesome students, and wonderful music teachers for the Lucia celebrations on Tuesday the 13th of December. We met out in the school yard after we had som lussebullar and gingerbread, to listen to beautiful songs. It was very much appreciated by staff and students.  To experience this for the first time as a principal of this school, made me feel very proud. 


Annakarin Johansson





From the Principal

Development talk days - a success!

Development talk days - a success!

Thank you all, students, parents, mentors and staff for making the Development Talk Days so very valuable!


I am sure we have all gotten a lot of very useful feedback, I sure know I have. Next step for all of us is now to think about that feedback, and how we are going to act on what we were told. Maybe we decide to take an earlier bus to avoid being late, maybe we decide to change how we explain difficult things we teach, maybe we decide to work a little harder to reach a goal we set up?


Soon we are off on Autumn break, a well deserved rest for students and teachers! And those of us still here during next week will make sure that the school is nice and tidy when you get back, some painting, some moving and some notice boards will be put up! And when you, the students, get back, we will need your support to make sure that the school stays that way for a long time! 


And a huge thank you to the students providing fika for our guests! 


Take care, 


Ms Johansson 


Recycling at IES Liljeholmen

Recycling at IES Liljeholmen
Of course we take recycling and sustainability serious at IES Liljeholmen! This is why we are now putting out bins for recycling paper in all classrooms. Earlier this term Ms Heather launched a House Competition for the students to design a logo for these bins, and Emma in year 8 and Nobel House won! On these pictures you can see the finished result! 

Anna Bellón Cramling competed in the Chess Olympics in Azerbajdzjan!

Anna Bellón Cramling competed in the Chess Olympics in Azerbajdzjan!

At IES Liljeholmen we are very proud to have a student in year 8, Anna Bellón Cramling, who has just competed in the Chess Olympics in Baku Azerbajdzjan! I met with Anna today and she told me about the adventures of competing in such large event.


- It was an amazing experience! It was over a thousand competitors taking part, 180 mens teams and 134 women's teams - 5 players in each team. We were picked up at the airport with police escort that took us passed all other traffic, and we had to have ID cards with us all the time. We came in 23rd place amongst the 134 women's teams!


Anna tells me that she was the youngest in her team by far, and that she was happy to be 1 year younger than her mother, Pia Cramling, first competed in the Olympics. Anna comes from a family of chess players, both her mother and father are Grandmasters in chess.


-My mother came third this year and got the bronze medal! My goal is to go in her footsteps and one day become a Grandmaster. I practise 1-2h everyday. It has actually helped me with my school work. I can count faster, take decisions quicker and I cope with stress much better!


At IES Liljeholmen we have a chess club that meets at Mondays at 15:15.