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Information från Hägersten/Liljeholmens stadsdel

Som en del i sitt preventiva arbete vill Stockholm Stad att ni som vårdnadshavare gärna fyller i den här undersökningen om hur ni får information kring deras preventiva arbete i stadsdelen Stockholms stads undersökning.

Du som förälder är den viktigaste personen för din tonåring. Här kommer några tips, med förhoppning om en härlig och trygg sommar för både dig och din tonåring. 

•Var närvarande och intresserad av vad din tonåring har för sig

•Ha kontakt med andra föräldrar – byt gärna telefonnummer

•Bjud inte din tonåring på tobak, alkohol eller andra droger

•Umgås med varandra

•Kom överens om regler

•Var en förebild

Mer information och fler tips finns på

Kontakt och stöd vid oro


Polisen: 114 14


Mini Maria, Framtid Stockholm: 08-508 43 710

Rådgivning och tidsbokning under kontorstid

Maria ungdoms akutmottagning: 08-123 47 410

Akuta situationer, dygnet runt



Säkra Varje Unge

Säkra Varje Unge

On February 21st, the school invited a lecturer Maria Karlsson from the organization Säkra Varje Unge. She gave a lecture for all the students in grades 4 and 5. The lecture was mainly about safe internet use, with a focus on online hate, bullying and grooming. The main purpose of the lecture was to inform the students about risks online, what to do to avoid them and what to do if one has been exposed. The Student Care team together with the mentors followed up the contents of the lecture during mentor time with a mini mentor program. What did the students remember from the lecture? What should they do if they receive an unwanted image online? What did the students remember about chain letters? Grooming - What is it? Where to turn for help if you have been exposed?

Some of the students from grade 4 answered:

“We think it is pretty scary to get a message from a guy you don't know”, We would tell our parents who can report them to the police”, “Always talk to your parents, don't answer back”, “block them”, “don't give personal information”.

Some of the students from grade 5 answered:

“Grooming is when someone who is either threatening or giving compliments to get something”, We would block the person and report him or her, also tell an adult”, “If you want help you should go to the police, parent or to an adult that you can trust”.

In connection with the lecture we also had a reporter from Ekot, Sveriges Radio who interviewed some of our students to find out what the they had learnt during the day, what to think about and what they should pay attention to online. It was an educative day not only for our students, but also for the staff at the school. We learned a lot and will continue to talk about this topic.


Thank You Säkra Varje Unge.


School counselors

Ms Beck Yr 4-6

Ms Milenkovic Yr 7-9



Den 21a Februari bjöd skolan in föreläsaren Maria Karlsson från organisationen Säkra Varje Unge. Hon höll en föreläsning för alla elever i årskurs 4 och 5. Föreläsningen handlade främst om säkert internetanvändande, med inriktning på näthat/nätmobbning/kränkningar och grooming. Huvudsyftet med föreläsningen var att informera eleverna om vad det finns för risker på nätet, vad man kan göra för att undvika dem samt vad man kan göra om man har blivit utsatt. Skolans elevhälsa tillsammans med mentorerna följde upp innehållet från föreläsningen på mentortime med mini mentor program.

Vad kom eleverna ihåg? Vad gör man om man får en oönskad bild online? Vad kom eleverna ihåg om kedjebrev? Grooming - vad är det? Vart ska man vända sig för hjälp om man har blivit utsatt?


Några av eleverna från årskurs 4 svarade:

“Man ska inte skicka bilder till dem man inte känner online, man ska inte skicka vidare kedjebrev- det kan vara hot”

“Om du ser någon göra någonting på social medier och det ser ut som att personen inte vill göra det, visa en vuxen, ge inte info om sig själv - till exempel namn, ålder, land och adress”

“Prata eller visa en vuxen”


Några av eleverna från årskurs 5 svarade:

“Dela inte bilder som kan kränka någon”, “Grooming - det var när någon kontaktar en och är först snäll men sen blir taskig och tvingar en att ta bilder som man inte vill”, “det är när någon ger komplimanger och sedan skickar hot eller vill ha avklädda bilder”

“Man kan prata med kurator, Bris, föräldrar”


I samband med föreläsningen hade vi också en reporter från Ekot, Sveriges Radio som intervjuade några elever för att ta reda på vad eleverna hade lärt sig från dagen och vad man ska tänka och vara uppmärksam på online. Det var en lärorik dag inte bara för elever men också för personalen på skolan. Vi lärde oss mycket och kommer att fortsätta prata och uppmärksamma detta ämne.

Tack Säkra Varje Unge.



Ms Beck årskurs 4-9

Ms Milenkovic årskurs 7-9

From the Principal

A few words mid way through the term

Dear all,


Time is flying by, and we have pretty much covered 75% of the school year 18/19. The year 6 and 9 students has just embarked on their national test journey, the Swedish tests has been completed now, and in week 15 it is time for the English tests.

We have been having racism, equal opportunities and human rights as a theme this term and integrated that in to all subjects. Some of our year 9 students have formed a group under the leadership of Ms Mellberg, the Legacy group working on how to intergrate these topics in our school in the best way, giving suggestions to students, teachers and management in order to make a change and our school to an even better place.

Maybe you have noticed that here on School Soft there has been a couple of editions, you can now do your application for Leave of Abscence on line. They annual survey has also been launched and we would be very happy if you could take a few minutes to fill it in, your feedback to us is very valuable. On the topic of School Soft, please have a look to see that your contact information is up to date, so that we can get hold of you if needed.

In the beginning of the term the House Captains and Heads of Houses organised a kick off event where students they turned in the building in to a “computor game” where you earned points in the different classrooms to reach the next level. The goal was to get to level 7, but the real goal was of course to have fun, get to know your new people in your house and build on our school culture. I do believe that we reached that goal, and it was amazing to see the students working together, both with planning the events and trying the different activies.

A couple of weeks ago, the year 9 students went on their yearly ski trip to Kungsberget. It was so much fun, and very rewarding when the 30 students who had never been in a ski slope before managed it very well.

Just this week, we had our first career day for the years 4-6 organized by Mr Gilford and Ms Sydstrand our SYV. Thank you so much those of you that volunteered to come and tell the students about your jobs, and studies. I know that you got questions you didn’t expect, but the students learnt so much. 
We were also visited by four principals from South Africa, this week. They came to hear about how we work with student care and special education, and we could share experiences and learn from each other. One idea that we will try to make happen is having penpals and for a year group in year 4-6 to write to a class in Pretoria, South Africa.


These are just a few of the things going on, but last but not least I would like to tell you that our temporary building permit has been extended for another five years, this means we will most likely stay in the building until 2023/2024.



Kind regards, 
Annakarin Johansson

Internet Safety

Social Media Logos

On Wednesday 13th February, we held the 3rd Parent Cafe of the school year. Many parents showed up and listened to a lecture about internet safety for teenagers from a parental perspective. This is a subject which is new to many of us and only now are we starting to really understand the negative effects that social media and the usage of the internet may have on our future generations. While the internet can have many positive effects on the way teenagers lead their lives, the risks of misusing this valuable tool can pose serious risks and it's important that they recognize these risks. 

As promised, our Student Care Manager shared the presentation so that each parent can go through it again, watch the included videos, and have a discussion with their children at home. They need to know the effects that social media and the internet can have on them.

Click here to see the presentation!

This Year's Musical

Aladdin Jr Logo

We will be holding auditions for this year's school musical: Aladdin Jr

There are many skills that are cultivated by students participating in theatre arts. To put on a play, the team must be organized. Theatre arts encourage creativity, cooperation, commitment, and self-confidence. Organization is a key skill for success in our lives and we have an excellent team of teachers who can demonstrate each of these values to the fullest. In addition to their emotional and social development, we often see a rise in academic performance. We insist that the students participating are in "good-standing" with each of their subjects and the musical provides additional motivation.

Auditions will be this Monday and Tuesday. The students will audition in pairs (two people at a time) for about ten minutes. They will need to sing a song of their choice and they'll be asked to read some lines from the script.

They do not need to have prior experience. All students from any grade are welcome to audition. Anyone who auditions will have a part in the show.  

Rehearsals will be after school on weekdays, and once during the weekends.

If you have any further questions please email Mr. Bildstein, Mr. Knapp, or Ms. Farrah.