Back to school!

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From the Principal
Back to school!

A new school year has finally started. The building is yet again filled with students and teachers and what it takes to make it in to a school, not just an empty house.  It has been an intense start for all of us, but now pieces are falling in to place. We have had the opportunity to meet the parents and guardians during the first full week back, and that was great for all of us. 

 Our Heads of Houses, and House Captains and a few extra students went on a camping and team building trip to Ängsö last week and had a fantastic few days that will benefit all our students. The extra curricular activities such as the Robotics Team and the Running club has already started, with lots of enthusiastic students signing up. Our librarian is hosting a scavange hunt in the library this week and lots of other activities going on out side the lesson time. I have already visited a few lessons, and their is real learning taking place. Today a year 7 class went on an science excursion to look for creepy crawlies! They found some leaches and snails, but no frogs this time. 

We have a Cross Curricular theme for the whole school this year, and that is Juno, the space craft Juno going to Jupiter! Have look at the Youtube clip below for more information. 

This will be a great school year!