Development talk days - a success!

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From the Principal

Thank you all, students, parents, mentors and staff for making the Development Talk Days so very valuable!

I am sure we have all gotten a lot of very useful feedback, I sure know I have. Next step for all of us is now to think about that feedback, and how we are going to act on what we were told. Maybe we decide to take an earlier bus to avoid being late, maybe we decide to change how we explain difficult things we teach, maybe we decide to work a little harder to reach a goal we set up?

Soon we are off on Autumn break, a well deserved rest for students and teachers! And those of us still here during next week will make sure that the school is nice and tidy when you get back, some painting, some moving and some notice boards will be put up! And when you, the students, get back, we will need your support to make sure that the school stays that way for a long time! 

And a huge thank you to the students providing fika for our guests! 

Take care, 

Ms Johansson