A few words on the summer and what is happening in school right now.

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From the Principal


As every year, summer is also quite a busy time at a school. It is the time for painting, refurbishing, reflecting on how we can be a better school and new teachers and staff begin.

We have also collaborated with Hägersten stadsdel and hosted two of their events, a music camp and a craft/design camp. 

This year we have painted corridors and classrooms. Mr Jartén and Mr Dalton have, with the help of some summer workers, moved an art classroom down to level 4 for better light and space. A new classroom has been built on level 6 and a classroom with the possibility of craft activities for junior school has been created on level 2, next to the main craft room. We have also moved our administration office to level 7 so that our new assistant principal can have his office on level 4 and be closer to the students and the day to day events. Earlier this spring, Mr Nortcott also moved down to level 5 for the same reasons.


We have refurbished the library so it will be more user friendly and ordered some new furniture for level 2 and the Senior School common room, which we chose to call it. Ms. Torquato, who is going to work in a student room, has planned activities for breaks and  touched up the white lines for games such as King.


We have also met and talked about what to do to get a more active Student Council and an involved parent association, and suggestions will be made at the parent meetings at the start of the term.


Next week, our new food supplier, Kleins, will install in the premises, and we have been  looking forward to that for a long time after having  a supplier who could not deliver on what they had  promised.

This week a few new teachers will start, I will present them in more detail on SchoolSoft. They will have a few hectic days before all teachers return on the 13th of August, after their summer vacation.

We are really looking forward to this academic year together and to making this school better and better!