Welcome to the autumn term 2019

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 We are back!


It was so nice to meet all the students today this morning, and to get to introduce them to their new classes and mentors. We have a few new staff in the school, year 7-9 has a new nurse, Ms Modin has joined us from IES Älvjsö and a new SYV (career and guidance counselor) Mr Serengil has joined us from Farsta Grundskola. Otherwise the student care team, management and special education team are the same. A few new teachers has also joined the school, but they will introduce them selfs in newsletters and parentsevenings over the next few weeks.  

   Over the summer we have painted all the white areas in the school, two corridors has a new colour, floors 4,5 and 6 has new lighting in the corridor and also our cleaning company has been in to do a thorough cleaning and polished all floors. 


  This years the Heads of Years are Ms Farrah, year 4, Mr Bayon, year 5, Ms Weber, year 6, Mr Garcia, year 7, Mr Adegbidi year 8 and Mr Knapp for year 9. The Heads of Year are middle management and supports the mentors in the every day running of the classes. The mentors are always the first point of contact. Next step is Heads of Year, Student care team, and then assistant principals and then the principal.


Last year our year 9 students had an grade average of 279.8 points and their results for National tests where among the top 10 best within IES, which ofcourse made us very proud. Our year 6 students did very well in their national tests as well. From our survey we are still looking to identify our main goals. But one goal is to raise the participation in the survey from the parents, only 50% of the guardians took the opportunity of voicing their opinions in the survey. 


We are really looking forward to see you at our Parents Evenings next week, and at Development meetings in September. We have moved them forward a bit, so that we can establish goals for the term early and follow up on them and the grades early next term. Dates and times are found on School Soft. 


Kind regards, 

Annakarin Johansson