Welcome to the first spring term of the new decade!

From the Principal

Welcome back to a new term!

The first term of a new decade has just begun. Teachers, staff and students are back, refilled with energy.

We welcome back Ms Sales from her maternity leave, and welcome Mr Stawarz in to the Spec Ed team. We also welcome Mr Saber in to the Swedish department where he will cover for Ms Kjellberg parental leave. Ms Korkutmaz, who has worked with us since August, both in Spec Ed and in the science department, will cover for Mr McInnon during his parental leave. We also welcome Mr Scott back to the PE department after his parental leave.

We finished our term with a survey for the students, covering most of the areas the annual survey will cover in the spring, to feel the temperature of the school, where we are at right now. We have looked at the results together with teachers already, and started discussions on what is good and what needs to be changed, and it is very interesting.


Something that we think will increase the safety in the school are the cameras that are now installed in the corridors, on all levels. As we have had incidents where it would have been useful with cameras, we have seen the need for this.


Another area where students want to improve is the feedback from teachers, being part of planning, and being able to plan and know what will happen. We have now opened up the Unit Sites, to the students so that they have access to them.


Something else that I want to raise is that we still se a lot of children buying candy and snacks after school, at ICA, on a daily basis. We talk about eating healthy and try to promote a healthy life style, and we are sure that you do too, but if you could have a chat to them at home as well we would very much appreciate it. 


Development talks are coming up quiet soon this term, we wanted to do them earlier this year to be able to set goals to work towards when the last term is fresh in mind. If you have questions about grades from last term, contact the teacher that set the grade so that they can explain why they gave the grade they did and how the student can improve. 


Leave of abscence request has reached an all time high this season, as a school we can approve a maximum of 10 days off during a school year. But before approving any leave, we look at the grades, attendance over all, reasons for being off, to be able to take a well informed decision in what we see is best for the student. We will not approve any leave of abscence during National Tests. 



Kind regards, 

Annakarin Johansson Sandman