What happens at school during the Holidays?

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This is a question I get a lot as a principal, what do you do when there are no students and teachers in the building?

Well, during the breaks we try to paint, and freshen up the school. During Sportlov we painted all the white in the corridors, and stair cases. Today I saw one of our student assistants painting the green corridor on level 5, so we all help out and it is quiet enjoyable. The nurses and counsellors are doing a lot of paper work, that they have to catch up on. But today, one of our nurses and our Student Care Manager, who both are certified HLR instructurs, were training staff from other IES Schools to become HLR instructors! 

We also plan for the future, work on schedules, and go through our quality work, interview for next year and catch up on research an studies. 

The last two breaks we have also had lovskola, for students in year 8 and 9 at risk of failing a core subject. During sportlov we were focusing on Maths, but this time it is also some Swedish and English.