This Year's Musical

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We will be holding auditions for this year's school musical: Aladdin Jr

There are many skills that are cultivated by students participating in theatre arts. To put on a play, the team must be organized. Theatre arts encourage creativity, cooperation, commitment, and self-confidence. Organization is a key skill for success in our lives and we have an excellent team of teachers who can demonstrate each of these values to the fullest. In addition to their emotional and social development, we often see a rise in academic performance. We insist that the students participating are in "good-standing" with each of their subjects and the musical provides additional motivation.

Auditions will be this Monday and Tuesday. The students will audition in pairs (two people at a time) for about ten minutes. They will need to sing a song of their choice and they'll be asked to read some lines from the script.

They do not need to have prior experience. All students from any grade are welcome to audition. Anyone who auditions will have a part in the show.  

Rehearsals will be after school on weekdays, and once during the weekends.

If you have any further questions please email Mr. Bildstein, Mr. Knapp, or Ms. Farrah.