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World book day!

This week we are celebrating World Book Day. Both in classrooms, during breaks and in the library, different events are going on. On Friday the 27th the year 6 will host different events reconizing this day. The English Department together with the teachers has had a little competition for the students where they get to guess who the reader behind the book is! It has been a very popular competition, and hopefully it has inspired some students to read new authors. Can you identify the reader behind the book? 


What happens at school during the Holidays?

This is a question I get a lot as a principal, what do you do when there are no students and teachers in the building?

Well, during the breaks we try to paint, and freshen up the school. During Sportlov we painted all the white in the corridors, and stair cases. Today I saw one of our student assistants painting the green corridor on level 5, so we all help out and it is quiet enjoyable. The nurses and counsellors are doing a lot of paper work, that they have to catch up on. But today, one of our nurses and our Student Care Manager, who both are certified HLR instructurs, were training staff from other IES Schools to become HLR instructors! 

We also plan for the future, work on schedules, and go through our quality work, interview for next year and catch up on research an studies. 

The last two breaks we have also had lovskola, for students in year 8 and 9 at risk of failing a core subject. During sportlov we were focusing on Maths, but this time it is also some Swedish and English. 


Waiting List Update

We have just started the process of updating our waiting list and are currently focusing on the queues for Grades 5, 6 and 7 for admission in August 2018.

A waiting list update form has been posted home to all children whose applications were submitted before December 31st, 2016 and who are currently waiting for a place in either Grade 5, 6 or 7 this August.

In order to retain your child's place in our queue, the form should be filled in and returned to us by February 23rd.

With questions, please contact: Sarah Carlsson

Welcome back!

Dear all, 


welcome back to a new term of school. Teachers had their first day back today, and has had a full day of basic fire safety training with a company, very informative and useful. We have also worked and planned in our different departments, and Special Education, Student Care, the school management and a few others met attended a lecture from a young person working for Hjärnkoll with mental ill health and how to recognise this and support our students. She will come back and meet all our staff in a few weeks. 


Just a reminder that the crossing over the street at the roundabout has moved a to just close to the school. The reason being that they have built an access road for trucks and lorrys just by the former crossing. It also means that we would like you to not stop directly by the school when you drop your children off as that blocks the entry way to the school and ICA. A speed bump will also be put in the drive way between ICA and the school, and a a painted crossing between the school and ICA. 


Kind regards, 

Annakarin Johansson 



Välkomna tillbaka till den nya terminen. Lärarna hade sin första arbetsdag idag efter lovet, och de har ägnat den åt en grundläggande brandsäkerhetskurs, vilket var väldigt informativt och nyttigt. Vi har också planerat terminen i våra olika ämnesarbetslag. Elevhälsan, speciallärarteamet, skolledningen och några fler har idag också haft en föreläsning och gruppsamtal med en person från Hjärnkoll om psykisk ohälsa hos unga och hur man känna igen det hos elever och stötta dem på bästa sätt. Hon kommer att komma tillbaka och prata med alla våra lärare. Hjärnkoll


Jag vill också passa på att påminna om att övergångsstället vid rondellen har flyttats till precis framför skolan. Detta är för att det kommer att finnas en byggväg till byggområdet i The Brick precis vid det gamla övergångsstället. Så snälla var vänliga och kör fram en bit innan ni släpper av era barn, så att ni inte blockerar övergångsstället eller vägen mellan skolan och ICA. En hastighetsbegränsande fartbula kommer också att läggas på vägen mellan skolan och ICA, samt ett nytt målat övergångsställe.

Vänliga hälsningar

Annakarin Johansson