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Welcome to IES Liljeholmen!

Welcome to IES Liljeholmen!

IES Liljeholmen is a year 4-9 school situated around Telefonplan in Hägersten, not far from Stockholm City. We started this school in 2014 and has grown to our full potential this school year (2017/2018) with five parallell classes in each year group. We believe strongly in the IES Ethos, in a bilingual, safe and orderly school envrionment where students can learn and teachers can teach. 

Our teachers comes from all over the world, but they have in common that they teach in their first language. Our students have the privilage of being taught by a native speaker, in English, Swedish, Spanish, French and German for example. We also offer a wide range of home languages through Omniglot. 

I came to IES Liljeholmen in June 2016, after 12 years at IES Enskede. I started off as a teacher in Swedish, SO and Maths, I was a mentor for many years, and Head of Department and Head of Year. The last three years at IES Enskede I was the Academic Manager. I sometimes jokingly say that I am born and raised IES as this is were I have worked for almost 14 years now, almost a third of my life. 

IES Liljeholmen is my first school as a Principal, and my vision of this school is one of a well functioning school, where students can reach their goals, and learn for life. My goal is that all our students will be able to get in to Gymnasiet after year 9. That the grades they get is reflecting reality and are in following LGR 11, the Swedish curriculum. Which means that my vision also is of a school where all teachers are in line with LGR 11 when teaching, planning lessons and grading. I believe in grit, and an open mindset when it comes to learning. I believe in learning from mistakes, and not giving up even when it is hard. To be able to ask for help, and new ways, when the old ways don't lead forward anymore. As a wise person once said, “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

I wish you all a fantastic 2018! 


Best regards, 

Annakarin Johansson 








Ongoing intake - please update your contact infomation

Dear all, 


we are still taking in a few students in years 4-7, so please make sure that your contact information is updated so that we can easily get hold of you in case of an offer. 


Kära alla, 


vi har fortfarande plats för några fler elever i åk 4-7 och tar in i köordning. Se gärna till att era kontaktuppgifter är uppdaterade så att vi enkelt kan få kontakt med er vid erbjudande om plats. 



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From the Principal

Thank you for this year!

Thank you for this year!

Thank you all for making this year a wonderful experience for me! It has been quiet a journey with our first inspection by Skolinspektionen, our first year 9s having their national tests, and being able to offer our students the opportunity to take the IGCSE tests.  Though the journey has had it's ups and downs it has been a very learning experience, and I am looking forward to next school year when we reach our full potential of 5 parallell classes from year 4-9 and finally also being able to expand up till the 7th level of the building. 

  A big thank you to all the students, guardians and of course, members of the staff for making this year fantastic! 

Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer

Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer

Tassels have been passed from right to left, caps have been thrown into the air and voices have been raised to sing Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer.

Across Sweden, more than 3,000 grade nine Internationella Engelska Skolan students have celebrated their graduation in front of proud family members, and the school staff who have helped them to develop to this point over the past several years.

Now, as they bid farewell to their schools, the students will go forward to the next challenges of their lives.
This year there were five IES schools who were saying goodbye to a graduating class for the first time. At Falun, Liljeholmen, Hässleholm, Kista and Umeå those students graduating marked the first group to move on from the IES school.

The graduation ceremony is a big part of the tradition of Internationella Engelska Skolan. It is held to honour the achievements of the students and all of their efforts, academic and otherwise, during their time at the school. Students wear iconic blue caps and gowns in an American-style graduation, with speeches and performances of live music from the student body.

During the graduation at IES Liljeholmen students assembled in the schoolyard where a stage had been constructed for the occasion, they heard from their president, graduating student David Hjalmarsson-Batman.
He said: “Today is a very special day.  Today is the day that we graduate.  The first time that we ninth graders graduate. This day is a milestone in many aspects, this day marks the transition towards continuing our studies at our upper secondary schools.

"If it wasn’t for the English teachers who taught me the linguistics, I would never be able to stand here today to give this speech in English.

"Yesterday we were students, today we are graduates, and tomorrow we are proud alums of our alma mater, IES Liljeholmen.”

The school’s Principal AnnaKarin Johansson also spoke to the assembled group of students, parents and staff.
She said: “Dear students, both in year 9 and 8. You are writing history today as the first two classes to graduate from IES Liljeholmen. In a very short year, students of year 8, you will graduate as the first five classes.  It is an honour to have been part of your life, even for a very short time. You have taught me a lot. Students of year 9. I wish you all the best for the future.

“The world that you are entering is challenging, demanding and full of opportunities. And my advice to you, is to embrace those challenges. Meet the demands with grit, perseverance, motivation, and sisu.”
IES Falun held their graduation at Lugnetskyrkan conference centre.

Those assembled enjoyed virtuoso performances on the piano, saxophone and clarinet as well as speeches from representatives of the staff and students.

Sara Fahlström and Balazs Tarján
Valedictorian and School Ambassador for IES Falun

Sara Fahlström, who was named as Falun’s valedictorian, said: “What I will remember is all the amazing people here, and so now that we have the opportunity, we would like to thank them. We want to say thank-you to the teachers, we have learnt so much these past three years and it is all thanks to you."

Balazs Tarján, Falun's school ambassador, added: “I would like to thank my teachers, my fellow students and my mentors.  I was a little bit surprised to win this award because I didn’t think I would.  For me it is natural to help others, follow the rules, and show respect.  It is really important to have a combination of respect and support in order to have a safe environment.

"We also wanted to thank both of the year nine classes, we are are all really different and that is a good thing, because by being different we have all put in a lot of effort and achieved our goals in hundreds of different ways and in hundreds of different situations."

After the summer holidays a new grade nine class will take its place at each IES school, as they work towards their own graduation day and do their best to meet their goals, academic and otherwise, so that they are as prepared as possible for their future.