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Anna Bellón Cramling competed in the Chess Olympics in Azerbajdzjan!

Anna Bellón Cramling competed in the Chess Olympics in Azerbajdzjan!

At IES Liljeholmen we are very proud to have a student in year 8, Anna Bellón Cramling, who has just competed in the Chess Olympics in Baku Azerbajdzjan! I met with Anna today and she told me about the adventures of competing in such large event.


- It was an amazing experience! It was over a thousand competitors taking part, 180 mens teams and 134 women's teams - 5 players in each team. We were picked up at the airport with police escort that took us passed all other traffic, and we had to have ID cards with us all the time. We came in 23rd place amongst the 134 women's teams!


Anna tells me that she was the youngest in her team by far, and that she was happy to be 1 year younger than her mother, Pia Cramling, first competed in the Olympics. Anna comes from a family of chess players, both her mother and father are Grandmasters in chess.


-My mother came third this year and got the bronze medal! My goal is to go in her footsteps and one day become a Grandmaster. I practise 1-2h everyday. It has actually helped me with my school work. I can count faster, take decisions quicker and I cope with stress much better!


At IES Liljeholmen we have a chess club that meets at Mondays at 15:15.

IES Liljeholmen travels with Juno

This Autumn IES Liljeholmen travels with Juno. As IES Liljeholmen pupils begin the 2016/17 school year their return coincides with the start of NASA's Juno mission. A deep space mission that aims to observe, measure and improve our understanding of the Solar System's largest planet Jupiter. Juno will begin collecting data from late July 2016, and continue until the mission's fiery end in March of 2018, when the satellite plunges into Jupiter's stormy atmosphere. 


IES Liljeholmen will be journeying with Juno throughout its mission. We will introduce the satellite and the giant planet to all our year groups, and encourage our students to follow the mission through a variety of social media; twitter - @NASAJuno, youtube, etc. In addition students will be encouraged to think about the mission creatively in other subjects, with regular mission updates during science. Mission videos will roll on the big screen by reception, and the latest images will allow our students to experience the excitement of discovery in this most up-to-date of planetary probes.


To fly with this spacecraft, to imagine Jupiter's giant auroras, magnificent storms, intense magnetic fields and overwhelming radiation. To experience discovery as it happens. This year IES Liljeholmen travels with Juno.


Jamie Mackinnon

Head of Science

From the Principal

Back to school!

Back to school!

A new school year has finally started. The building is yet again filled with students and teachers and what it takes to make it in to a school, not just an empty house.  It has been an intense start for all of us, but now pieces are falling in to place. We have had the opportunity to meet the parents and guardians during the first full week back, and that was great for all of us. 

 Our Heads of Houses, and House Captains and a few extra students went on a camping and team building trip to Ängsö last week and had a fantastic few days that will benefit all our students. The extra curricular activities such as the Robotics Team and the Running club has already started, with lots of enthusiastic students signing up. Our librarian is hosting a scavange hunt in the library this week and lots of other activities going on out side the lesson time. I have already visited a few lessons, and their is real learning taking place. Today a year 7 class went on an science excursion to look for creepy crawlies! They found some leaches and snails, but no frogs this time. 

We have a Cross Curricular theme for the whole school this year, and that is Juno, the space craft Juno going to Jupiter! Have look at the Youtube clip below for more information. 

This will be a great school year!

From the Principal

Några ord från er nya rektor

Några ord från er nya rektor

Kära elever och föräldrar,


Att få träffa er på skolavslutningen var ett stort ögonblick för mig och jag ser mycket fram emot att få arbeta tillsammans med er nästa läsår. Jag har tagit på mig den här rollen som tillförordnad rektor på IES Liljeholmen med stor ödmjukhet men också med tilltro till att det här kommer att bli bra. Ni har varit med och skapat en mycket bra skola tillsammans med min företrädare Mr Gehlin och de otroliga lärarna  och personal som arbetar här.

 Som jag sa i mitt tal på skolavslutningen, för att lära sig något nytt - anta en ny utmaning, så måste man ruskas om lite. Detta gäller alla, vare sig man är ung eller gammal, nybörjare eller erfaren, elev eller lärare, förälder eller skolledare. Men efter omruskningen kommer aha-ögonblicket, när poletten ramlar ner. Tillsammans kommer vi att få flera aha-ögonblick och det ser jag fram emot.

  Jag önskar er en skön vilsam sommar, men också att ni utmanar er själva att pröva något nytt. Kanske simma lite längre än ni gjort, springa lite fortare, läsa en bok, se in film på engelska utan textning?


Vi ses igen den 18 augusti!


Vänliga hälsningar

Annakarin Johansson

Interim Principal

5B first prize in Chess Battle!!

5B first prize in Chess Battle!!

Dear students and guardians!

Yesterday our students on 4th and 5th grade participated in "Chess Battle", at chess competition that is an initiative from the organisation Reach for Change, at city hall with TV and other media present. To our great delight class 5B got first prize!

We congratulate the students on an excellent performance, and thank the teachers, especially mr Perlmutar who is running the school's CHess club, that have worked with the students chess training. CHess is an excellent board came that not only develops cognitive skills, but also gathers interested individuals for social interaction.