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From the Principal


Dear Students and Guardians,

February is here, and as I am writing this I can hear the students in year 6 getting ready for the first National Test for the term. I wish you good luck, and I am looking forward to seeing the results! Winter  holds us in a firm grasp, but light is coming back with a couple of more minutes every day. During the last month we have had some additions to school days here at IES Liljeholmen; the option of buying breakfast and afternoon snack in the lunch room, our first Chess Club meets on Wednesdays at 1500, Morning Exercise Club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 0700 and Soccer Club on Mondays 1500. The possibilities to exercise both mind and muscle have increased dramatically. In February we will also have our sports break and I hope the snows stays for those of you who want to go skiing. We had our first ever Open House in January for those students that have been offered a place at the school for next academic year. It was a nice to show our beautiful school, and I would like to once again thank the students, our student council representatives, who guided our curious visitors around the school and answered their questions. Better experts on the school can not be found!