School Blog

From the Principal

January 2015

Dear Students and Guardians,

Spring term is here, even though spring still feels far away. Today Thursday 8/1 is the first day for students, welcome back from your break, I hope you had a nice and restful one.

The spring term is in a way a bit devious, even though it spans over more weeks than the autumn term, it feels a lot shorter due to breaks and holidays, especially when the light and warmth returns.

Students in year 6; you will have a special term as you will participate in national tests in no less than five subjects, this will be the second time you write these test during your time in primary school. It is exciting to organise the tests for the first time here at our school.

As a principal, this time of the year is when you start to plan for the next academic year, looking over the growth of the school, and recruitment of new teachers. There is still a noticeable interest in the school from both students and teachers, which of course is very rewarding.

In the years to come we who were here first will always be able to boast a little bit about that fact. I saw a lot of happy faces when I said good morning (indoors for a change - due to interesting weather), that is so wonderful! Have a great startup of the spring term.