Junior Club

What's Junior Club?

Junior Club provides after school care for grades 4 and 5 where students can wind down after a long school day, hang out with their friends, meet new ones, try out new activities and have lots of fun in a safe, supervised environment! Each day, students are provided with an after school snack, offered the chance to participate in different activities like sports, baking, music, quiz, movies, crafts, chess, and more.

We have some daily procedures that all the students in Junior club must follow and that's to ensure all children’s safety, each child is required to sign in and out of Junior Club every day. When the students come to Junior club they must sign in and when they want to go back home they must sign out.

When are we open?

Our Junior Club is open every school day from school ending until 17:00.

Junior Club is not open during mornings, non-school days or summer.

In case, you are trying to reach your child during the Junior club time 1400 - 1700, please call 070 - 003 92 84 and one of the Junior Club Assistants will answer to help you.