Welcome to IES Liljeholmen's library!


Our library has temporarily moved from to a new room on level 2 in waiting of its final destination on level 7 and our librarian, Ms D has created a fantastic website for it. Follow the link and have a look!




Our bright and welcoming library consists of nearly two thousand books and is rapidly growing with every year. We have books in both English and Swedish at all reading levels, from beginner to advanced, as well as magazines, newspapers and reference books.

The library is a place where our students can read in a comfy chair, draw, play board games such as chess, study, do homework on the computers or just relax in the quiet atmosphere.

IES Liljeholmen participates in the famous Scholastic International Book Club, and students are welcome to join the book circle after school to discuss books and practice their spoken English in a relaxed setting. 

The library is accessible to students every school day from 8.00 until 16.00.