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(Photo) Liljeholmen
(Photo) Liljeholmen(Photo) Liljeholmen
(Photo) Liljeholmen
(Photo) Liljeholmen

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan


A safe, calm environment where teachers can teach and students learn.

The 3C's of IESLH: We are Calm, Clear and Consistent in everything we do. 

School Blog

  • IES Stands Ready

    IES Stands Ready, school choice, school quota,

    What good news that the government has heeded our wish to make it possible for independent schools to receive Ukrainian students through the special quota. We at IES stand ready to do our part and add up to 500 students throughout our 43 schools within ...Read more

  • Meet the leadership Team and the Departments

    As we didn't have the option this year to have parents come into the building for the introductory parent meetings the leadeship team didn't get a chance to introduce themselves and their role in the school, so we put together a short video to achieve this ...Read more

  • Exciting work from the Student Council

    Our student council has recently reviewed the school rules and made some small adjustments to make the rules clearer and easier to follow (see attached). Very much in line with the 3C's of IES Liljeholmen. The rules are now Clearer than the older rules, ...Read more