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From the Principal

Have a Great Break

Have a Great Break

Term 1 2020 has officially come to an end and we want to thank all of our amazing students and parents for this term.
The school was full of great winter sweaters today. We added some pictures to our schools instagram account. 
We hope you all have a relaxing and well-deserved break and we will see you back here on Monday, January 11th! ❄️⛄️

From the Principal

Liljeholmen United

Liljeholmen United

On Monday our grade 4-6 students celebrated Liljeholmen United day. This is a day where we are doing different workshops, games and tutorials to learn how to treat each other better. Grade 7-9 will celebrate Liljeholmen United today, digitally.

From the Principal

Latest guideline from Folkhälsomyndigheten:

Symptom free children in pre-school and compulsory school who live in the same household as someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 shall now stay at home. They should also follow the guidelines

Symtomfria barn bör stanna hemma om någon i familjen har covid-19

Please read the full update in Swedish from Folkhälsomyndigheten here

Those who are living in a household with a confirmed case of Covid-19 need to follow the guidelines found here (Swedish). As always, one needs to contact the local health care provider to receive instructions.

From the Principal

Update from the Principal on Covid-19

Update from the Principal on Covid-19

With all the new recommendations that have recently been put in place it is a good time for an update on what we are doing at the school. 

Schools are exempt from the majority of the recommendations but we do everything in our power to follow as many of FHM’s recommendations as possible. 

Students are encouraged to keep a distance from each other where possible and also to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly. We have reduced the seating times of our lunches to reduce the amount of students in the lunchroom, there is also hand sanitizer at all buffet stations. Students are also encouraged to go outside during their breaks to reduce the number of people in the building. 

We have gone completely digital for all our staff meetings to reduce the need for the staff to gather in a large group. We have also encouraged teachers to work from home when they are not teaching, to reduce their time in the building as much as possible. 

Please refer to FHM’s website for up to date information regarding what to do if you have covid-19 or someone in your family has covid-19. 

We had a few more cases of covid-19 amongst staff and students so therefore want to draw your attention to the following. 

Common symptoms of covid-19

fever, pain in muscles and joints, cold symptoms, diarrhea and nausea, headache loss of sense of smell and taste.

You may have one or more symptoms and the symptoms may be mild. 

Do I need to isolate myself?

As long as you feel completely healthy and have no symptoms, you can go to school. Persons who live in the same household as an infected person can receive instructions from their doctor to isolate themselves, but children up to grade 9 are usually exempted from this and can go to school but regional differences may occur so please check what applies in your region. 

What should I do if I get symptoms?

Stay at home if you have even the slightest symptoms. If you become ill while you are at school/at “fritids” you should go home immediately . Students should always talk to staff first and guardians should be informed. You can only meet those you live with until you are well again and you must keep an arm’s length distance. 

Do I need to do a test for covid-19? 

Yes, if you have symptoms and you should isolate yourself while waiting for the result of the test. There are regional differences in testing routines and information about the routines in the region where you live could be found on 1177.se. 

What could everyone do to counteract the spread of covid-19?

Stay at home even if you have slight symptoms

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Keep an arm’s length distance to others both indoors and outdoors

If possible - walk, cycle or use other alternative modes of transport instead of public transport

Remain updated on and follow the regional guidelines regarding covid-19

Please contact the management of the school if you have any questions.


James Northcott (Acting Principal) 

From the Principal

Welcome to the first spring term of the new decade!

Welcome back to a new term!

The first term of a new decade has just begun. Teachers, staff and students are back, refilled with energy.

We welcome back Ms Sales from her maternity leave, and welcome Mr Stawarz in to the Spec Ed team. We also welcome Mr Saber in to the Swedish department where he will cover for Ms Kjellberg parental leave. Ms Korkutmaz, who has worked with us since August, both in Spec Ed and in the science department, will cover for Mr McInnon during his parental leave. We also welcome Mr Scott back to the PE department after his parental leave.

We finished our term with a survey for the students, covering most of the areas the annual survey will cover in the spring, to feel the temperature of the school, where we are at right now. We have looked at the results together with teachers already, and started discussions on what is good and what needs to be changed, and it is very interesting.


Something that we think will increase the safety in the school are the cameras that are now installed in the corridors, on all levels. As we have had incidents where it would have been useful with cameras, we have seen the need for this.


Another area where students want to improve is the feedback from teachers, being part of planning, and being able to plan and know what will happen. We have now opened up the Unit Sites, to the students so that they have access to them.


Something else that I want to raise is that we still se a lot of children buying candy and snacks after school, at ICA, on a daily basis. We talk about eating healthy and try to promote a healthy life style, and we are sure that you do too, but if you could have a chat to them at home as well we would very much appreciate it. 


Development talks are coming up quiet soon this term, we wanted to do them earlier this year to be able to set goals to work towards when the last term is fresh in mind. If you have questions about grades from last term, contact the teacher that set the grade so that they can explain why they gave the grade they did and how the student can improve. 


Leave of abscence request has reached an all time high this season, as a school we can approve a maximum of 10 days off during a school year. But before approving any leave, we look at the grades, attendance over all, reasons for being off, to be able to take a well informed decision in what we see is best for the student. We will not approve any leave of abscence during National Tests. 



Kind regards, 

Annakarin Johansson Sandman


From the Principal

School lunches at IES Liljeholmen / Skolmaten vid IES Liljeholmen



i årets skolundersökning hade nöjdheten med skolluncherna gått upp avsevärt och vi har därför valt att fortsätta att arbeta med Kleins Kitchen som leverantörer. Liksom förra årer serveras det dagligen tre olika rätter, samt ett salladsbord, soppa, bröd och frukt varje dag. Det finns mjölk och vatten att dricka. Kleins har erbjudit oss att servera en mer vegetarisk kost, genom att byta ut kött- eller fiskrätten till en vegetariskrätt. Från och med oktober kommer vi att testa att ibland servera mer vegetarisk kost, vi har gått igenom menyn och valt bort rätter som vi vet inte varit så populära, eller lagt till vegetariska rätter som vi vet varit väldigt populära. Det kommer alltså alltid att serveras en fisk eller kött rätt, men ibland även två vegetariska rätter. 


Bifogat hittar ni lite information kring hur Kleins tänker kring mat och hur de jobbar.


Om ni är nyfikna på skollunchen, hör gärna av er till mig så bokar vi in en dag när ni kan komma och äta med någon av oss i ledningsgruppen. 


Vänliga hälsningar,

Annakarin Johansson



Dear all, 


In this years survey, the results showed that the satisfaction with school lunches was higher than previous years. We have because of this decided to continue with Kleins Kitchen as our caterers. As last year we serve three different courses a day, a fishdish, a meat dish and a vegetarian dish. There are also soup, a salad bar, bread and fruit, and milk or water to drink. Kleins have offered to serve more vegetarian food, so from October we have chosen a few days where we have exchanged the fish or meat for a vegetarian dish. We have picked the days when we know that the meat or fish dish hasn't been overly popular or when we know that the vegetarian dish has been. 


I have attached a couple of documents from Kleins. 


If you are curious about the school lunch, let me know and we can book a day where you come and eat with one of us in the management team. 


Kind regards, 

Annakarin Johansson 


From the Principal

A few words mid way through the term

A few words mid way through the term

Dear all,


Time is flying by, and we have pretty much covered 75% of the school year 18/19. The year 6 and 9 students has just embarked on their national test journey, the Swedish tests has been completed now, and in week 15 it is time for the English tests.

We have been having racism, equal opportunities and human rights as a theme this term and integrated that in to all subjects. Some of our year 9 students have formed a group under the leadership of Ms Mellberg, the Legacy group working on how to intergrate these topics in our school in the best way, giving suggestions to students, teachers and management in order to make a change and our school to an even better place.

Maybe you have noticed that here on School Soft there has been a couple of editions, you can now do your application for Leave of Abscence on line. They annual survey has also been launched and we would be very happy if you could take a few minutes to fill it in, your feedback to us is very valuable. On the topic of School Soft, please have a look to see that your contact information is up to date, so that we can get hold of you if needed.

In the beginning of the term the House Captains and Heads of Houses organised a kick off event where students they turned in the building in to a “computor game” where you earned points in the different classrooms to reach the next level. The goal was to get to level 7, but the real goal was of course to have fun, get to know your new people in your house and build on our school culture. I do believe that we reached that goal, and it was amazing to see the students working together, both with planning the events and trying the different activies.

A couple of weeks ago, the year 9 students went on their yearly ski trip to Kungsberget. It was so much fun, and very rewarding when the 30 students who had never been in a ski slope before managed it very well.

Just this week, we had our first career day for the years 4-6 organized by Mr Gilford and Ms Sydstrand our SYV. Thank you so much those of you that volunteered to come and tell the students about your jobs, and studies. I know that you got questions you didn’t expect, but the students learnt so much. 
We were also visited by four principals from South Africa, this week. They came to hear about how we work with student care and special education, and we could share experiences and learn from each other. One idea that we will try to make happen is having penpals and for a year group in year 4-6 to write to a class in Pretoria, South Africa.


These are just a few of the things going on, but last but not least I would like to tell you that our temporary building permit has been extended for another five years, this means we will most likely stay in the building until 2023/2024.



Kind regards, 
Annakarin Johansson

From the Principal

Några ord från rektorn vid terminsstarten hösten 2018

Hej alla, 

ett stort tack till alla ni som kom på föräldrarmötena förra veckan, det är alltid så positivt att träffa er! 

Vi har haft en fin start på skolåret, matsalen och den goda skolmaten har varit en stort samtalsämne och det känns härligt efter förra året. Jag har fått frågor om vi drog ner på kostnaden för luncherna och om det var därför kvaliteten gick ner, men så var och är inte fallet. Vi har lagt samma summa på skolmat varje år, då vi tycker att det är viktigt med bra mat. Tyvärr var det interna problem hos företaget som lagade maten hos oss framt till och med förra läsåret som påverkade. 

Som ni kanske såg har vi målat och fixat nästan hela skolan, fixat fler Kingrutor på skolgården, och också inrett ett "häng" för åk 9 nere på plan 2 som vi tillsammans med elevrådet har som avsikt att försöka göra lite mysigare. Vi har också ett stort fokus på att hålla toaletterna rena och fräscha och har uppmanat eleverna att säga till direkt om de ser något som inte känns ok. 

Ms Torquato, som också jobbar med Junior Club, är på plats i Student room varje dag, och har köpt in fler spel, bollar etc och hjälper till med att hitta på aktiviteter. Och Ms D är i full fart med att planera nya teman i biblioteket och bokklubben har satt igång igen. Ni följer väl IES_liljeholmen_library på instagram för boktips? 

I ledningsgruppen håller vi just nu på med att analyserar resultat och undersökningar, både vår egna och Stockholms Stads, för vårt kvalitetsarbete och vi kommer att återkomma med mer info kring detta. Något som vi såg var att ni inte såg oss "meet and greet" på morgonen så nu har vi flyttat ut framför skolan och står där mellan 7:45-8:15 dagligen och hälsar eleverna välkomna, jag, Mr Northcott, Mr Gilford, Mr Westhead och Mr Hewitson har en dag på ett rullande schema, så vinka gärna när ni ser oss! 

97% av våra åk 9 var behöriga att komma in på ett gymnasieprogram i våras, men så vitt vi kan se från antagningen har alla påbörjat en utbildning, inkl introduktionsprogram för att läsa in de betyg som saknades. Det känns mycket bra! Några av dem har redan varit och hälsat på eller ringt och berättat om sin nya skola. En sa att hen kände sig så förberedd för nivån på gymnasiet vilket alltid känns bra att höra! Vårt meritvärde i medel blev 270 för åk 9.

Våra åk 6:or klarade sina nationella prov i engelska alldeles utmärkt, och vi låg över medel inom IES, och även i matematik lyckades de med att 79% av alla fick c eller högre! I svenska tangerade 6:orna IES meritvärde och deras betyg stämde ganska väl överens med nationella proven vilket känns mycket bra! 

Vi har fått några klagomål från ICA kring att bland annat våra elever hänger utanför deras entré efter skoltid och det stoppar deras andra kunder från att komma in. Vi håller en dialog med dem, och går ut och pratar med eleverna. 

I går, fredag, hade vi vår stora Kick Off, ett colour run där de olika Houses sprang tillsammans, och 4:orna sprang med sina faddrar i 9:an. Det var ett lyckat event, som vi kommer försöka göra en tradition av! Det fanns så klart möjlighet att springa bredvid och slippa bli blöt och färglad, vi hade även ponchos/plastsäckar till de som ville. Bilder kommer snart! 


Vänliga hälsningar

Annakarin Johansson 


From the Principal

A few words on the summer and what is happening in school right now.


As every year, summer is also quite a busy time at a school. It is the time for painting, refurbishing, reflecting on how we can be a better school and new teachers and staff begin.

We have also collaborated with Hägersten stadsdel and hosted two of their events, a music camp and a craft/design camp. 

This year we have painted corridors and classrooms. Mr Jartén and Mr Dalton have, with the help of some summer workers, moved an art classroom down to level 4 for better light and space. A new classroom has been built on level 6 and a classroom with the possibility of craft activities for junior school has been created on level 2, next to the main craft room. We have also moved our administration office to level 7 so that our new assistant principal can have his office on level 4 and be closer to the students and the day to day events. Earlier this spring, Mr Nortcott also moved down to level 5 for the same reasons.


We have refurbished the library so it will be more user friendly and ordered some new furniture for level 2 and the Senior School common room, which we chose to call it. Ms. Torquato, who is going to work in a student room, has planned activities for breaks and  touched up the white lines for games such as King.


We have also met and talked about what to do to get a more active Student Council and an involved parent association, and suggestions will be made at the parent meetings at the start of the term.


Next week, our new food supplier, Kleins, will install in the premises, and we have been  looking forward to that for a long time after having  a supplier who could not deliver on what they had  promised.

This week a few new teachers will start, I will present them in more detail on SchoolSoft. They will have a few hectic days before all teachers return on the 13th of August, after their summer vacation.

We are really looking forward to this academic year together and to making this school better and better!