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Information från Hägersten/Liljeholmens stadsdel

Som en del i sitt preventiva arbete vill Stockholm Stad att ni som vårdnadshavare gärna fyller i den här undersökningen om hur ni får information kring deras preventiva arbete i stadsdelen Stockholms stads undersökning.

Du som förälder är den viktigaste personen för din tonåring. Här kommer några tips, med förhoppning om en härlig och trygg sommar för både dig och din tonåring. 

•Var närvarande och intresserad av vad din tonåring har för sig

•Ha kontakt med andra föräldrar – byt gärna telefonnummer

•Bjud inte din tonåring på tobak, alkohol eller andra droger

•Umgås med varandra

•Kom överens om regler

•Var en förebild

Mer information och fler tips finns på www.tonarsparloren.se

Kontakt och stöd vid oro


Polisen: 114 14


Mini Maria, Framtid Stockholm: 08-508 43 710

Rådgivning och tidsbokning under kontorstid

Maria ungdoms akutmottagning: 08-123 47 410

Akuta situationer, dygnet runt



Sportsday 16th of May

Sportsday 16th of May

On May the 16th IES Liljeholmen had a fantastic sportsday, organized in the different houses. The weather was lovely and everybody participated to their best. Thank you all students and teachers that made this day such a lovely event! 


What happens at school during the Holidays?

This is a question I get a lot as a principal, what do you do when there are no students and teachers in the building?

Well, during the breaks we try to paint, and freshen up the school. During Sportlov we painted all the white in the corridors, and stair cases. Today I saw one of our student assistants painting the green corridor on level 5, so we all help out and it is quiet enjoyable. The nurses and counsellors are doing a lot of paper work, that they have to catch up on. But today, one of our nurses and our Student Care Manager, who both are certified HLR instructurs, were training staff from other IES Schools to become HLR instructors! 

We also plan for the future, work on schedules, and go through our quality work, interview for next year and catch up on research an studies. 

The last two breaks we have also had lovskola, for students in year 8 and 9 at risk of failing a core subject. During sportlov we were focusing on Maths, but this time it is also some Swedish and English. 


Anna Bellón Cramling competed in the Chess Olympics in Azerbajdzjan!

Anna Bellón Cramling competed in the Chess Olympics in Azerbajdzjan!

At IES Liljeholmen we are very proud to have a student in year 8, Anna Bellón Cramling, who has just competed in the Chess Olympics in Baku Azerbajdzjan! I met with Anna today and she told me about the adventures of competing in such large event.

- It was an amazing experience! It was over a thousand competitors taking part, 180 mens teams and 134 women's teams - 5 players in each team. We were picked up at the airport with police escort that took us passed all other traffic, and we had to have ID cards with us all the time. We came in 23rd place amongst the 134 women's teams!

Anna tells me that she was the youngest in her team by far, and that she was happy to be 1 year younger than her mother, Pia Cramling, first competed in the Olympics. Anna comes from a family of chess players, both her mother and father are Grandmasters in chess.

-My mother came third this year and got the bronze medal! My goal is to go in her footsteps and one day become a Grandmaster. I practise 1-2h everyday. It has actually helped me with my school work. I can count faster, take decisions quicker and I cope with stress much better!

At IES Liljeholmen we have a chess club that meets at Mondays at 15:15.